Trivia & Music Trivia

If you want a good time come to Ed’s Tavern for Trivia Nights. We don’t just throw out some general trivia questions. Our host Steve-O is always prepared with a wide range of intellectually stimulating subjects including current events, seasonal questions, sports, holidays, and much more. Come to Ed’s Tavern and test your knowledge against your friends and other patrons. All trivia players have a chance to win a gift card with up to $40 in value. General trivia is every Thursday night starting at 8:00 PM.

Music trivia is another of Steve-O’s specialties. Don’t worry if you aren’t up on current music trends — Steve-O plays songs from many decades, genres, and generations of music so it’s fun for all ages! Music trivia at Ed’s Tavern is a fun night as you listen to current hits and perhaps some more obscure hits. Test your music knowledge on Music Trivia nights at Ed’s Tavern. Trivia winners are eligible for prizes too; first prize is an Ed’s gift card worth $40, second prize is a $20 gift card, and winners of each round get a pitcher of beer compliments of Ed’s Tavern! Music trivia is Wednesday nights at Ed’s Tavern and starts at 8:00 PM.

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