Tequila Tuesdays

Summer in Sarasota means finding a place to quench your thirst and wet your whistle. That Florida sun can be unrelenting, which is why having a local watering hole is important. While there’s never a wrong reason for heading down to Ed’s Tavern for a few drinks, we’ve sweetened the deal with Tequila Tuesdays. Enjoying a delicious margarita is the perfect way to cool down, and they’re healthy as well. (Yes, really.) Don’t believe us? We’ve consulted some expert medical advice to support our claim.

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Health Benefits of the Margarita

While we advise you to choose to drink responsibly and practice moderation, these beverages have some benefits to offer you after a long day in the sun.

(1) Vitamin C & Gluten Free

The lemon water used to make a margarita is rich in vitamin C. One ounce of lemon juice provides up to 13% of your daily recommended allowance. For those who abstain from gluten, there’s some excellent news. Many alcoholic beverages are made from grain, in particular beer. Tequila, which is made from the agave plant, is gluten-free. These benefits alone make the margarita the ideal summer beverage.

(2) Digestion & Weight Loss

Certain alcoholic beverages such as wine pair great with certain types of food. Margarita’s are no exception. Research shows that tequila contains an organic compound that aids digestion, making it an excellent companion to a hearty meal. Aside from being an effective digestion aid, margarita’s don’t contain the high volume of sugar that other beverages do. All of the sugar contained in a margarita is natural.

(3) Decrease Cholesterol While Increasing the Flavor

Margaritas are delicious, aren’t they? Not only do they taste great, but they’ve also been proven to lower LDL or the type of cholesterol that can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

While these benefits are true, it’s important to remember that margaritas also contain a substantial amount of alcohol. So please, drink responsibly.

Tequila Tuesdays at Ed’s Tavern

When you come to Ed’s Tavern for Tequila Tuesdays, you’ll be experiencing great food, delicious margaritas, and a welcoming atmosphere.

While we want you to come and enjoy yourself, we also encourage responsibility on the part of our patrons. Please make arrangements with a designated driver or rideshare program if you’re drinking. For more information, visit us at

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