5 Reasons Why You Should Try Craft Beer

If you’ve been out and about visiting various drinking and dining establishments, you might have seen or heard talk of craft beer. For those who have been properly indoctrinated into the sudsy and satisfying world, there’s little encouragement we could give in terms of enjoying one. If you’ve found yourself wondering what one might taste like, or think of them in the same way one might think of green eggs and ham, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why enjoying them will be a wise choice.

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Try One Of Ed’s Favorite Sandwiches On National Sandwich Day

Ed’s Tavern is excited to inform you that November 3rd is National Sandwich Day! Sandwiches are always awesome and probably don’t need a commemoration for you to enjoy them, but this gives you the opportunity to skate away from your daily doldrums and get a bite to eat with us. We look forward to having you try one of Ed’s Favorite Sandwiches on National Sandwich Day.

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