Burgers & Beer: Making the Proper Pairing

If you’ve ever visited Ed’s Tavern in Lakewood Ranch, chances are you’ve sampled one of our wonderful burgers. And we can assume that not only did you thoroughly enjoy the experience, but you also thought about what might be good to wash it down with. And, if you’re at Ed’s Tavern and feeling wonderful because of the great food and rich atmosphere, you’re probably thinking of a cold, sudsy beverage. But what type do you select? Well, that’s why we’re here. Pairing burgers and beer is a delicate art form, one which we’ll be exploring today, 

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Texas Hold ‘Em Poker: Effective Strategies

Whether you’re an amateur or a high-roller, the lure of winning big at the poker table is a powerful one. And, if you enjoy spending your evenings in the vicinity of Lakewood Ranch, the chances of winning big just got stacked in your favor. How? Because Ed’s Tavern is holding Texas Hold ‘Em poker night every Tuesday at 8:00 PM! There’s no cost to play, and winners will receive a $50 gift card. And just in case you need some tips on how to succeed at the table, we implore you to read further. 

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Celebrate National Hot Sauce Day with Some Wings at Ed’s Tavern

One of the best condiments to ever exist is the hot sauce!  There are so many different varieties and it can add a hint of spice to any meal.  Here at Ed’s Tavern, we take our hot sauce seriously and love to celebrate it.  This year, National Hot Sauce Day will take place on January 22nd!  Come on down to Ed’s Tavern and celebrate with us and a plate of wings to douse in your favorite hot sauce. 

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