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Knowing and Understanding the Difference Between Light and Dark Beer

Everyone has their favorite beverage of the sudsy variety that they enjoy at home or at their local watering hole. Beers come in many varieties, and there seems to be a never-ending amount of breweries that produce various flavors that adhere to every type of individual taste. Among the many that people enjoy, light and dark beers are how a great many are described and categorized. But what’s the actual difference between them? Today, we found out. 

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Sports Bar Essentials

There are several reasons you may have plans to go to a sports bar. Maybe you want to catch the big game, or perhaps you’re meeting with some pals for drinks. You may even visit a sports bar for a tasty meal. When you picture the ideal sports bar, there are likely a few essentials you have in mind. Here are the sports bar essentials:

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Dark vs Light Beer

Whether you are new to beer or you have been drinking beer for years, you can admit that there are a lot of different types of beer out there. There are IPAs, pale ales, amber ales, stouts, and the list goes on and on. For help learning which of these beers are dark and which of these beers are light, as well as the differences between the two, keep reading.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Craft Beer

If you’ve been out and about visiting various drinking and dining establishments, you might have seen or heard talk of craft beer. For those who have been properly indoctrinated into the sudsy and satisfying world, there’s little encouragement we could give in terms of enjoying one. If you’ve found yourself wondering what one might taste like, or think of them in the same way one might think of green eggs and ham, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why enjoying them will be a wise choice.

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