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Enjoy A Beer At Ed’s Tavern

September 7th is National Beer Lovers Day! If you’re in west Florida and in the mood for a higher-quality cold one, then we have you covered. Come and enjoy a beer at Ed’s Tavern!

Why do we love National Beer Lovers Day? Because there’s nothing equal to a nice cold beer, beer makes others more attractive, and all kidding aside, beer is a terrific reward for a job well done. It’s like a “gold medal reward you give to yourself at the end of a very tough day.”

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Knocking Back A Cold One On International Beer Day

Benjamin Franklin once described the beer as “Proof that God wants us to be happy.” While you won’t find this phrase embedded within the bill of rights, a ringing endorsement from one of the founding fathers is another reason to enjoy a cold beverage on August 6th. Why this day in particular? Because it happens to coincide with International Beer Day. While you might not need a reason to engage in merriment and partake in a libation on any given day, there’s something to be said for a celebration dedicated to the beverage of the working class.

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