Author: Ed's Tavern

Spend National Trivia Day Playing Trivia at Ed’s Tavern

Here’s a little known fact, National Trivia Day is right around the corner! That’s right, the only holiday that could make Cliff Clavin a national hero is coming up this Saturday! Now let’s ask the question, what are your plans for that weekend? Binge-watching the latest, greatest show ever and then wondering why you wasted your weekend on Monday morning?

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Tuesday Poker Nights at Ed’s Tavern

Sometimes you hold ’em and sometimes you fold ’em, but you can always have a good time. Ed’s Tavern has always featured the best in food and beverage, but now you can raise the stakes a bit higher with Poker Night! Every Tuesday, starting at 8:00 PM, Ed’s Tavern will host a Texas Hold-Em game. No cost to enter and the winner receives a $50 Ed’s gift card.

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